Crafted for Relationship

It is hard to believe that the Creator of the Universe wants a personal and intimate relationship with you, but He does! God created us in His image and despite our sin, He loves us and even sacrificed His own son so that we could be saved. It is easy at times to feel unworthy of God’s love and mercy towards us, but knowing God wants an eternal friendship with us despite our sin and darkness is so comforting.  “In this is love, not that we have loved God but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins” (1 John 4:10). This shows God’s great love towards His people and in return, God desires a personal relationship with each of us.

We were created to have a personal relationship with our Creator and we have so much to gain if we seek this. Having a deep relationship with God brings complete fulfillment into our lives. Before my life was focused on being close to the Lord I felt lost and alone during the hard times. God is my hope and my peace now. Since I have a close relationship with God I am no longer focused on what other people think of me or of wanting to fit in. Now I know I have an eternal friendship with God and I find peace in that. A relationship with God fills the void that we all have; we NEED a personal relationship with our Lord. As said in Psalm 18:1-3, God can be your rock, your shield, and your strength if you just put your trust fully in him. A relationship with God also affects your worldly relationships. The better you love God the better you will love his people. God loves us selflessly and knowing that makes me want to love others in the same way.

Having a close relationship with God goes beyond just going to church and saying you’re a Christian. An intimate relationship with God is a desire for friendship with him. “But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all your works” (Psalm 73:28). To experience an intimate relationship with God we draw near to him. We do this by trusting in God and gaining knowledge of Him. The more you know God the more you will love him. It is also important to accept and acknowledge God in all aspects of your life.

We were created to have a deep relationship with God so I challenge you to draw even closer to Him and ask yourself where you can grow your friendship with God. This could be to pray more often, read your bible to widen your knowledge of Him, or to invite God into every part of your life.


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